Pet Grooming in Bradford, VT

At the Bradford Veterinary Clinic, we understand that you want your pet to not only be healthy and feel great, but also want them to look good too. Regular professional pet grooming is one of the best ways to do both, and that’s why we include full-service pet grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats as one of our services. Senior pets and those with disabilities often need special assistance with grooming, as do those breeds with longer and thicker hair that mats and tangles easily into an impossible mess. Sometimes an underlying health condition can cause problems that require professional pet grooming. Our trained and experienced staff can provide all the pet grooming services your pet needs while keeping them calm and stress-free during the process.

The Health Benefits Of Professional Pet Grooming

Regular pet grooming does much more than just making your pet look its best. There are also several health benefits to be realized from regular professional grooming. Brushing distributes your pet’s natural skin oils throughout their fur, helping to keep it sleek and healthy while removing dirt and uncomfortable tangled, matted hair. Trimming the excess fur from around their face, ears, and paws helps to prevent infections and irritation by removing accumulated dirt and debris.

Trimming their claws not only keeps them from scratching up furniture and floors but also helps prevent joint pain and stiffness and even spinal issues caused by walking awkwardly on overgrown nails.

Pet Grooming in Bradford, VT

Regular, Medicated, And Oatmeal Baths

Our regular baths for pets are an essential part of our grooming services, guaranteed to leave your pet completely clean and smelling nice. For pets who suffer from skin conditions caused by allergies, seborrhea, fleas, or other issues such as thyroid disease, we offer both medicated baths and oatmeal baths to soothe the skin and relieve the itching and pain they experience. Your vet will advise you on which type of bath would be best for your pet. Our staff will keep your pet calm, relaxed, and stress-free during the grooming session, and they’ll go home happier, healthier, and clean. 

Pet Grooming Services We Provide

Bradford Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive grooming services, including:

  • Bathing (regular, medicated, or oatmeal bath, brushing and blow-dry)
  • Nail Trim
  • Clipping/Haircut
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking
  • Deshedding treatment
  • Teeth brushing
  • Deskunking
  • Blueberry facials

We can also offer you advice on best grooming practices to use at home and recommendations on shampoos, conditioners, and other pet care products. 

Bradford Veterinary Clinic in Bradford, VT, is ready to provide you with professional services and all your veterinary needs.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. 

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The Basics


Nail trim

Paw Trim

Blueberry Facial


Hair Cut

Sanitary Trim

De- Shedding Treatment

Extensive Brushing

Teeth Brushing

Face Trim

Medicated Bath
OR Oatmeal Bath