Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Bradford, VT

As pet owners ourselves, we know that no matter how much you hate to be parted from your furry family members, there are times when you have to be away for work or vacation and they simply can’t come along. What you can do is give them their own mini-vacation while you’re gone at a place where they’ll be comfortable, well cared for, and treated like royalty. That’s why the Bradford Veterinary Clinic, as part of our commitment to full-service animal care, provides luxury pet boarding services for dogs and cats and just about any other kind of pet. Our clinic is fully equipped and our staff is thoroughly trained to provide your pet with luxury accommodations and amenities anytime you need to be away. They’ll be pampered and loved and all their health needs to be taken care of. We guarantee they’ll be so happy they may not want to go home again!

Dog Boarding

We have comfortable cushioned accommodations suitable for large, medium, and small dogs, along with a large fenced outdoor recreation area for play and exercise and individual attention from one of our trained pet boarding attendants. They’ll be fed premium dog food, snacks, and treats during their stay. It’s truly a dog’s heaven at Bradford Veterinary Clinic.

All of our pet boarding facilities are climate-controlled and secure. We encourage pet owners to bring along any special toys or other items to make them feel at home during their stay. You can also bring along their medications and any special foods they require. Your veterinarian will consult with you on special needs when you bring them in.

Cat Boarding

At Bradford VC, we understand that cats have special needs and they demand that they be met. We provide lush and comfortable rooms where they can catnap to their heart’s content, and a huge play area where they can watch the outside world through the window or hide and climb till they’re tired enough for the next nap, or dinner, whichever comes first. Speaking of dinner, they’ll only be offered the best premium food and treats, good enough to satisfy the finickiest of palates. Our cat boarding department is separate from the other pet boarding areas so they don’t have to be stressed out and bothered by those other animals. We guarantee your cat will be treated like the king or queen in our dedicated cat ward and available luxury boarding room for your cats when they stay with us!

At our clinic, we not only board dogs and cats, but also rabbits, birds, rodents, and reptiles! We have very strict boarding policies. Please see our policy page to look over these policies.

  • We have both large and small dog wards
  • A rabbit ward, and a luxury boarding room for rabbits
  • We have multiple sizes of bird cages or you can bring your own
  • For your reptile needs, we have some aquariums but check with us you may need your own

We will care for your pet like it is our own! And if you want to do something extra for your pet while it is staying with us ask about the grooming services we offer.