Meet Our Team

Dr. Susan Tullar

Practice Owner & DVM

Dr. Susan Tullar grew up on a small farm in southern Maine before graduating from UVM and Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Tullar purchased Stonecliff, now Bradford Veterinary Clinic, in September 2009 and has a strong interest in exotic medicine including poultry, parrots, reptiles and small mammals. Dr. Tullar is a huge advocate for continued education and is consistently learning about new treatments and techniques. She encourages her team to do the same and is always willing to share what she has learned.

Dr. Tullar enjoys a wide variety of activities during her free time including cooking, gardening, reading, and playing some of her favorite board games with her friends and family. She and her husband Pat share their love with their daughter Sammy, their two dogs, 3 cats, and 11 chickens.

Lauren Levee

Practice Manager

Lauren recently joined our team in August of 2023 shortly after starting her own marketing business and moving to Vermont. Lauren earned her B.A. in Communication and Media Studies in 2018 from Stetson University and completed her M.B.A. with a concentration in Data Analytics in 2021. Lauren has always had a passion for animals and completed her undergraduate internship with the Humane Society of Marion County. Lauren has had an array of animals throughout her life so far including horses, goats, geese, chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, and even some possums and baby squirrels!

Lauren spends her free time with her husband, John, their 2 dogs, Clementine and Sophia, as well as their 3 cats and 11 chickens. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and discovering new adventures that Vermont has to offer.

Jessica Bennett

Administrative Assistant

Jess joined our team in May of 2023. She started as a Customer Relations Specialist while helping out as a Kennel Assistant. In a short time, Jess moved into an Administrative Assistant position where she is able to provide optimum support to all areas of the clinic in the background. This includes educating clients on special dietary needs for their pets as well as reaching out to the community for supportive events. Jess comes from a long line of medical professionals, also having graduated in 2001 from NCCC in the Adirondacks with a dual degree in Radiology and Liberal Arts Math/Science.

After over a decade of providing care for humans, she decided to follow her true passion in caring for animals. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, being outside, and taking road trips with her partner Tim. They share their home with their senior kitty Hilly, their rescue Addie, and at times a foster from a local Lab Rescue.

Josh Hough

Kennel Manager & Veterinary Technician Assistant

Josh became our evening kennel attendant in February of 2017 and grew into his current roles of Veterinary Technician Assistant and Kennel Manager. His love for animals shows in his dedication to his ability to calm our patients and make them feel at home; especially when they are boarding with Bradford Veterinary Clinic.

Josh never shys away from our exotic patients either. Josh works with our slithery friends such as ball pythons, corn snakes, and hog-nosed snakes. He is also a fan of our hedgehog, bearded dragon, and tortoise patients.

Josh just recently rescued a tortoise named Lucy and enjoys spending his free time outside of the clinic spending time with Lucy, his dog Tank, his 4 cats; Daisy, Marshall, Scooby, and Torvi, as well as his two human kiddos.

Krystle Blakeney

Head Veterinary Technician & Certified K9 Behaviorist

Krystle joined us through Vermont’s Reach Up Volunteer Program in 2014, and has been with BVC ever since.  Her enthusiasm, aptitude for picking up the skills she needs, and rapport with our clients has made her a strong asset to our team.

Krystle is additionally our Head Technician and a Certified K9 Behaviorist. She has a strong motivation to continue learning new skills and techniques. She is also our lead dental technician.

Krystle is local to Bradford and spends her free time supporting her 3 children at their sporting events with her husband, Tom. They live on an ever-growing farm with 3 dogs, 1 pony, 5 goats, 2 rabbits, 1 turtle and many chickens!

Kristin Newton

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Kristin joined our team in 2017 starting out as Reception, Kennel Attendant and working her way to an Assistant role. After completing her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology at Vermont Technical College in 2020, she then became a full-time technician. Her drive to go the extra-mile is part of what make her such an exceptional member of our team as well as her dedication to helping her teammates learn and grow. She has always had  enthusiasm and passion for her role.

Kristin is a native Vermonter from Wells River. Kristin loves a good movie marathon, exploring new cuisines, and learning new things. However, her favorite thing to do in her free time is to spend quality time with her family and friends.

Haley Bott

Veterinary Technician Assistant, Client Relations Specialist, & Groomer-In-Training

Haley joined Bradford Veterinary Clinic to help with dog walking in 2015 and has cross-trained in just about every department of BVC since.  Not only is Haley a part of our technician team, but she additionally helps to provide exceptional client education and care. Haley has recently become our Groomer-In-Training as well and has done a fabulous job picking up the skills needed to send every patient home feeling and looking fresh. Haley will be continuing her grooming education as she works toward her Grooming Certification.

Haley spends her weekends spending quality time with her two kids and supporting them with whatever they need. She additionally has a strong passion and skillset for softball and is a part of a seasonal team. Haley loves spending time outdoors and additionally shares this time with her loyal labrador, Russell.

Dayna Fisk

Veterinary Technician Assistant & Client Relations Specialist

Dayna joined our team in 2019 after her love for animals brought her to Bradford Veterinary Clinic to volunteer in high shool. Her bubbly personality and big heart has made her a great addition to our team and she has continued to grow with our team year after year.

Dayna has cross-trained as a Customer Relations Specialist, Kennel Assistant, and Veterinary Technician Assistant. Dayna is also one of the technicians our clients see most often when receiving laser treatment.

Dayna loves spending time with her fiance, Hunter, her three dogs: Bentley, Finnegan, and Toa, as well as her cat named Cyrus.


The BVC Clinic Cat 🐾

Bradford Veterinary Clinic adopted Victor from Central Vermont Humane Society in October 2018 after he came in for oral surgery. He is one of the sweetest cats you could ever meet, and won over the entire team from the moment he put all four paws inside of the building. He has made the clinic his home and can often be found laying on the top of the reception desk greeting everyone that comes in.

Victor enjoys spending his time chatting with our loyal clients, stealing cat treats from a not so secret stash, and supervising team lunches. Additionally, Victor is known for his ability to not-so-subtly request pats on his head and bottom.