COVID-19 Clinic Policies

Dear Pet Parent,
As our state starts to re-open businesses for services, we’d like to welcome you and your pets back into our hospital! We are excited for things to slowly start to get back to normal. We are still taking serious precautions to safeguard you, our client, as well as our staff. This means that there are some new things for you to consider when making your pet’s next appointment. Starting MONDAY JUNE 15th, 2020, we will be resuming appointments in hospital. Please review the following helpful appointment guidelines:
  • Only one client will be permitted in the building per pet’s appointment, with a limit of two people total in lobby. We do miss your whole family though, and all the gossip about that “one cousin you have,” but remember social distancing y’all.
  • Masks/face coverings will be required, but luckily only for the humans. We learned the hard way – cats don’t like masks. And since so many masks tragically perished in the Cat/Mask Battle of 2020, you’ll have to provide your own (Sorry).
  • Be mindful of social distancing guidelines – 6 feet apart. We know our receptionist is cute, but no she doesn’t want your phone number, or COVID19. We’ll have helpful floor markers for you. Also, we have waterguns to enforce this policy with reckless abandon.
  • Need food? Prescriptions? Don’t want to put on pants? No problem! You can visit our online pharmacy any time (@ ). Or, if you have pants, you can abide by the previously mentioned guidelines and we’ll be happy to help you in clinic. Or you can place your order by phone and we’ll run them out to the car (please wear pants). Just give us a call to place your order, pay by phone, and schedule a pick up time @ 802-222-4903!
  • We will also continue to book curbside appointments and drop off appointments for those who are not comfortable coming into the hospital. (We were only joking about the waterguns… sort of.)

All kidding aside, we really can’t wait to have you back. We are very blessed to have been able to remain fully functional during the pandemic to serve the community and pets we love. We sincerely appreciate all your patience, and patronage as we have navigated the pandemic. We hope we can continue to provide excellent, compassionate service to you and your pet, and we look forward to seeing you, socially distant and in a mask, soon.