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Do you dread bringing your cat to the vet?  Did you know there are some tricks to make it easier on you both?

Taking the stress out of a veterinary trip starts at home, by giving your cat regular head-to-tail check-ups. Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, simply getting them used to being handled will help enormously at the vet’s office. Plus, those home check-ups mean you’re more likely to notice a problem with your cat should one arise.

Take their carrier out and leave it open for at least a week before your appointment . You can even put some food or treats in there to entice your cat to go inside. Make the carrier comfortable with some bedding, cats like sleeping in cozy places, so make it cozy. Do not carry the carrier buy the handle, this causes it to swing which causes unneeded stress to your feline friend, instead hold it close to your body in both hands.

Cats do not like to see where they are going, don’t be afraid to cover your cat’s face with a towel as you put them into their carrier. Wrapping them in a towel with the eyes covered will keep you safer and reduce the felines stress level. After your cat is in the carrier cover it with a towel, this is also helpful in the waiting room, as it keeps them from seeing the dogs that are there.

The use of a pheromone spray or wipe can help reduce stress.  You can stop into the clinic and pick up a bottle of feliway spray for $21.00 or wipes at $0.50 and spray/wipe the carrier, bedding inside, and the towel to cover the carrier.

Now that you have successfully gotten the cat into their carrier, the dreaded car ride happens, and with your beloved pet crying and probably even swearing at you in meow, even the shortest drive seems to last forever.  Help your cat get acclimated to riding in a car, do this by taking them on short trips that don’t end at the clinic. Put them in a secure spot in the car so the carrier doesn’t slide, you can even buckle the carrier in. Turn down the music, and try listening to classical music or any low-key instrumentals; studies show that this is soothing on the way to the veterinarian’s office.  You can even stop in to do a weight check, our staff will happily help you weigh your feline, at no cost. This can help them have a vet visit without the stressful stuff. If you can teach your cat to relax during car trips, your little purr machine is more likely to arrive at the vet in a calm enough state to cope with the experience.